THE TEA TROVE: An exquisite combination of exotic recipes and modern technology

Since its start as a household business in 1917, The Tea Trove has grown into a company that today owns a production line including all stages of cultivation, processing, trading and packing of tea.

With a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience in blending spices, herbs and teas to create unique flavors with healing effects, The Tea Trove’s strength is bringing the best products to consumers. Focusing on cultivating, harvesting and processing the raw materials, this long-standing brand skillfully combines its over one hundred years of experience with modern technologies to ensure that the teas retain the most perfect nutrients and flavor.

For the Asian market, where customers are already familiar with folk remedies, The Tea Trove's products will be a driving force for consumers to move towards a healthy, balanced and natural lifestyle. We firmly believe in winning over consumers by providing consistent and authentic quality in our products.

The familiar flavors, when combined with the right ingredients at the ideal proportions, offer a soothing feeling as well as unexpected health benefits. It takes just 10 minutes or less to make a delicious cup of tea and alleviate momentary discomforts. In today’s busy life, The Tea Trove’s teas are an excellent choice.