Santome's is a healthy and affordable food and beverage provider in emerging markets.

Santome's services are specifically designed to serve customers as follows:

Santome’s is an online grocer that offers customers a healthy, convenient option for purchase and delivery.
    Santome’s Kitchen
    Santome’s Kitchen provides healthy, rejuvenating, stamina-boosting lunch and dinner box subscriptions for office, factory and hospital workers. 
    Santome’s Deli
    Santome’s Deli provides ready-to-eat food and beverages for office workers. The offerings include productivity-boosting, sparkling non-alcoholic drinks and quick bites.
    Santome’s & Co.
    Santome’s & Co. is a cafeteria chain that serves school and university students. The cafeterias are spaces where students can study and collaborate while enjoying refreshing beverages and snacks.



    Santome's is a retail department of Virtuous Francis.

    Virtuous Francis Company Limited

    Tax code: 0315429843
    Level 19, Indochina Park Tower
    4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dakao, District 1,
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Tel: (+84 28) 3911 0010