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Superfood Moringa (Leaves of drumstick plant) Is a powerhouse of nutrition.
Including moringa in your diet will help you fight inflammation, improve digestion and balance blood sugar levels among other benefits; Moringa tea is also advantageous during menstrual cycles to aid with symptoms like bloating and cramps.
Ingredients: Green Tea, Moringa with Honey & Lemon : With this flavour, the age old combination of lemon and honey is perfectly blended to give a refreshing start to your day and to help you keep those extra inches tucked away.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Moringa leaves, Honey & Lemon flavour.

Net Weight:

• Tea Bag: 42g | 21 bags (2g/bag)

• Loose Tea: 100g

How to Brew: 1 tsp or 1 tea bag | 180ml oz filtered O2 rich water | 90C-95C | steep 4 mins | milk not recommended | feel free to add a dash of honey or a tsp of sugar.

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